Thursday Wine&Dine Food Pairings Bible

Welcome to House of Feck Food Pairings Bible! I give a broad overview of how to approach pairings throughout the year with ideas for vegetarian dishes too – I will do followup detailed articles for specific choices – enjoy!!



I give a generalisation of the basic concepts to consider when pairing food with wine including various concepts you may not have previously covered such as how much more wine Brits are consuming since 2020 lockdowns and how this might affect your choices!

Wine preferences change over time with fashion and availability and even your own palate which develops

Always be willing to try new ideas

No rights or wrongs here but keep a note of which dishes and wines worked particularly well together, take photos to create your own dining diary, swap notes with friends and don’t be at all surprised when friends disapprove your wine favourites! Everyone is developing their wine appreciation at a different pace

The thing is to relax, have fun and think outside the box

Wine can pair brilliantly with snack foods but not so easily with greasy dishes or cheese and cake! Be daring

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Above all have fun ♥ 🤩🍽🍷

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St Lady Feckinghull

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