Thursday Wine & Dine #2


Welcome to second Thursday Wine & Dine – here I take a more in-depth look into pairing wines with cold dishes and some insights into what wine is like a symphony (not quite what you may expect)

I explore how my choice of wine dictates my meal, rather than the other way around – I pre-decide what wines I will likely enjoy two months ahead since I have to take them from my cellar in Wales to my caravan in Kent, and some forethought is required!

Bubbly, delicious, amusing & diverting! Pour a glass and listen in – good appetite!

Pianissimo is a Top Ten Reviewer for Laithwaites Wines, having reviewed nearly 500 bottles, and once ran a catering business in Sussex.

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St Lady Feckinghull

St Lady Feckinghull, AKA Louise Woodcock, writes about wine, motivation & teapot trends here on House of Feck Books. She can also be found on Substack.