Crozes Hermitage & Rump Steak

  Good evening! Crozes Hermitage syrah is perfect with rump steak and mushrooms! Hear the sizzle ..     Frying steak is very enjoyable! What oil? How to get the chargrill effect, how to rest You might also enjoy my Fullers 1845 bottle conditioned ale 6.3% I opened earlier This is a real smart choice!…

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Guess the White I’m Enjoying

    Good afternoon! Listen to my description and see if you can guess which white wine I am enjoying in the sun!! A very quality wine at a ludicrously low price I share why this wine enchants me so, despite an absence of literal floral or fruit See how you feel! And pour a…

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Wine Aspects Enjoyment

Bees Knees White wine

  Today I explore aspects of enjoying wine and how to prepare ahead to have a wide range if suitable wines for every occasion Joining at least one wine club ensures you have plenty to offer visitors whilst discovering a vast new world of wines for yourself Tips on broadening your palate, what to offer…

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