Make It Happen

Do you feel passionately excited about life?

Take some time out today with a pen & blank A4 paper (always keep a ream handy) to challenge yourself - what do you especially like & dislike about your life right now?

What do you want over the next 3 months?

Year ahead?

3 years?

Any ideas?

If you do not decide, Fate will hand you her default!

Empower yourself to create the exact life you want for yourself as an independent isolated individual - no requirement to be a loner but instead be sure you make decisions yourself, neither goaded nor persuaded by anyone else.

Be self-determining. The persons you love around you will also be empowered!

You can read more about self-empowerment & how to achieve whatever you want here, with a 20 minute audio:

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Shake off your despondency forever!

Do you constantly feel on top of your tree?

Or do you occasionally sink into a soft slough of despond? European philosophy has been promoting uselessness and individual insignificance for centuries, the complete sabotage of humanity by acquiesced default.

So, unknowingly you subscribe to this mass feeling of being a small blot of no concern in an endless gigantic universe that cares nothing for you.

Not so!

You are the nub of your entire world - everything and everyone revolves around you! Your moods influence all who connect to you. What kind of world do you desire?

Make it happen!

You are all-powerful. Just as awesome & valid as any other human on earth. Decide what you want, little ideas, big ambitions.


Work a step approach to attain your desire: make it happen. GET THE RESULT!

Why wouldn't you? Because you are a cog in someone else's wheel? You can be so much more, never stop performing better! Excel in whatever drives you - ignite your inner fire!

Start a new project right now! Something you feel nervous about achieving: who might encourage you? Where can you source what you require? How can you roll out your project? How will it challenge you?

You are not a tree. You can do amazing stuff! Empower people, develop projects, write and influence, connect, and design.

Get started! Draw people to your vision. Enjoy the challenge.

Now do you feel excited?

I have given you a ticket to ride, go use it! Write about your epic result!

Or sit on the sofa, read a paper, stare at the ceiling, and feel inert. It doesn't actually bother me. But I want you to become more than you are today! Because that is human growth - ambition, connection, and amazing attainment.

If you are stuck, learn chess, learn piano, learn to tell a dud ruby from a decent one. It's a pretty big world. You can change it! You are awesome & significant & functional & magnetic.

High-level achiever!!

St Lady Feckinghull, AKA Louise Woodcock, writes about wine, motivation & teapot trends here on House of Feck Books. Also, follow on:

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St Lady Feckinghull

St Lady Feckinghull, AKA Louise Woodcock, writes about wine, motivation & teapot trends here on House of Feck Books. She can also be found on Substack.