Getting Things Done or The Hopeless Patzer



Thoughts on how to begin getting things done in your life — in other words, how to achieve the effortless effortlessness you desire rather than constantly scrambling to pay one bill after another — I use an analogy from learning chess which is very powerful and can be traded to thinking like a millionaire or an effortless person with an effortless life easily

My strength is in only applying myself to things in front of me which lead incrementally to the result I want, and in cutting out people distraction because their problems aren’t mine and their approach is necessarily hopeless

I do not apply the hopeless patzer mentality to my plans and actions — I cut through to the quick and apply the actions of a Grandmaster thinking rationally and imaginatively several moves ahead

Expect BIG results, settle for no less, forge your own effortlessness and ignore stupid people

Easy, really

What is impossible? See things from a new angle — how would a Grandmaster view and solve your chess problem?

Everyone misses a step now and then but some people have noticed they are climbing a mountain, others see only a mountain blocking out their sun, others are unaware of the sun’s existence

You are black here – you have one move, what will you choose? From one of my own games



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